What we build


Our team hand-crafts elegant structures in round wood or green oak; structures that are at home in their environment and tread lightly on their landscape.

We build…

log stores | sheds | garden studios | pergolas | outdoor kitchens | tree houses | porches | outdoor classrooms | round houses | sustainable homes | bridges | shelters | and more….

The materials we use

We bring in timber from our own woodland or from sustainably-managed local woodlands. If a site has access to its own timber we can sometimes make use of that as well. We combine that with straw bale or sheep’s wool insulation, green roofs, lime plaster, cedar shingles or chestnut shakes and other great natural building materials. We’re also always open to incorporating new, innovative, low-impact products and methods into our buildings. 

Traditional craftsmanship | modern convenience

We use time-tested methods honed by generations of craftsmen to create hand-crafted, unique timber structures that bring out the beauty of each piece of wood. Adapting with the times is important too though so we work closely with other trades to include the essentials needed for modern life.

Concept to completion | you dream, we execute

Full design consultation, advice on techniques and materials and project management are all part of our service. Our experience means we’re well-placed to advise you on how those dreams translate into a unique structure, tailored precisely to your requirements.

Project management and site safety

We’ve worked with clients both large and small – everyone from private individuals through to schools, local councils, wildlife trusts, campsites and other public organisations. That means we know just how vital it is to keep on top of the project management and plan the build to maximise safety and cause minimum inconvenience.

"If you're thinking of using them, I'd say 'do it'! They're fun to work with and they do a great job."
Anne Dennig
Botany Bay Conservancy, Sussex